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CrazyScan is an application with its own graphical interface. It has two basic functions:
- Colors of the spectrum analyzer plot for the indicated range of bandwidth and polarization, with the given step,
- Displays the constellation diagram and detailed specifications of transmission (from here you can also save all received at the time the stream to a file for further analysis, or send it to the external application)

[Resim: i6wks.png]

The program is designed to be used for satellite DVB cards, only for the models supported by the library StreamReaderEx-BDA. It is in Polish, the source code is open and available to THIS place.

It requires (can be unpacked into the same directory as CrazyScan):
- Library package ReqLibs.rar
- Library StreamReaderEx-BDA  https://skystar-2.com/satellite-internet...7.zip.html


The application looks identical to CrazyScan and has the same requirements, but for terrestrial digital TV card (in practice - TBS 6220/6280/6284 models only). There is a need for satellite TV.


This program works in the command prompt window (black background, white letters  .) Performs what does CrazyScan, or Blindscan of saving the results to the transponder list. Ini (or another, can choose the format). When you turn asks for the ID card in the system (can be set permanently select the card) and starts the search portion of the satellite bandwidth to the specified step. We constantly see in the test frequency, and if something will be found - in ninii there are technical data transmission spotted. All settings are hidden in the file BLScan.ini (you can edit with Notepad).

[Resim: q7QVE.png]

It requires (can be unpacked into the same directory as BLScan):
- Library StreamReaderEx-BDA


The program works exactly like BLScan, but without direct control of DVB card. Version is intended for people who DVB card is not supported by BLScan (for example, because there is no documentation of electronic components used in the card and could not do crazycat direct support). In principle, if someone does BLScan, BLScan2 it is not needed / necessary. BLScan2 not work well for all DVB cards, but for more than BLScan. The necessary conditions to support Blindscan by hardware and appropriate features available in the drivers tab. For example, TBS for cards that have hardware support and BLScan BLScan work - it BLScan2 operates in the original program, such as TBS Blindscan, giving different results.

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