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dlssg to fsr3 mod v0.90 Universal

AMD FSR3 Frame Generation to games by replacing Nvidia DLSS-G Frame Generation (nvngx_dlssg).

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  • Download and extract the .zip file listed on the below Attached Files.
  • Double click on "DisableNvidiaSignatureChecks.reg" and select "Run". Click "Yes" on the next few dialogs.
  • Locate your game's installation directory. For Cyberpunk 2077, this would be the folder containing Cyberpunk2077.exe.
  • Copy "dlssg_to_fsr3_amd_is_better.dll" and the new "nvngx.dll" to your game's installation directory.
  • Done. Launch the game. A log file will be created in the game's installation directory.

  • Double click on "RestoreNvidiaSignatureChecks.reg" and select "Run". Click "Yes" on the next few dialogs.
  • Delete "dlssg_to_fsr3_amd_is_better.dll" and "nvngx.dll" in your game's installation directory.
  • Done.

Version 0.90
  • Added a Universal zip archive for maximum game support. Separate READ ME.txts are included within each folder. Registry key tweaks are not required.
  • Universal DLLs now automatically disable the EGS overlay due to hooking conflicts.
  • Universal DLLs now bypass GPU architecture checks for stubborn games (Dying Light 2, Returnal).
  • HDR luminance values are now queried from the active monitor, falling back to defaults when necessary.
  • Fixed GPU driver crashes in Dying Light 2 with universal DLLs.
  • Hardware accelerated GPU scheduling status is now logged.

Universal DLLs allow you to skip registry key tweaks and bypass GPU architecture checks for most games.

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