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enigma2 HD Glass16 OE2.0

HD Glass16 ver. 7.22

- fix Menu type: "Icons" in BH OE 2.0 (VU+)
- Menu Icons updated in download menu

[Resim: hd16a.jpg]


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.zip enigma2-skin-hdglass16_7.22_all.zip Boyut: 4.13 MB  İndirilme: 27

HD Glass16 ver. 7.29

- added detection of Panaccess (after restore icons type will be set to default
type 1, so after update and autorestore you must download icons and previews
and then set/select your prefered icons type)
- piconCam (white, black) updated in download
- icons sets updated in download

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.zip enigma2-skin-hdglass16_7.29_all.zip Boyut: 4.14 MB  İndirilme: 19

HD Glass16 ver. 7.37

[Resim: 8o80tBU.jpg]

[Resim: 1vgxn47.jpg]

Alıntı: - fix channel number in all Chammel Selection screens used default (by image)
services list
- removed screen for displaying Help - will be use default definition by image
- changed activating of the Special info from global action to infobarplugins
- added new Channelsel. type: Classical
- help updated in download
- added autodetect images based on dmm image from 24.4.2013 and autodisable
option: Enable ChannelSel. percent
- fix main code for images based on dmm from 24.4.13 with full compatibility to older images

Update is available online via setup
Recomendation: before update your image to image based on dmm image from 24.4.13, update skin to version 7.37

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.zip enigma2-skin-hdglass16_7.37_all.zip Boyut: 4.15 MB  İndirilme: 26

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