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Latest DSL ASUSWRT firmware v1.1.2.3_999

Latest DSL N16 ASUSWRT firmware.
Yüksek gürültülü hatlarda Firmware version v1.1.2.3_473 - 552 ve 790 versiyonları deneyebilirsiniz. Hepsini tek tek deneyin en az crc olanı kullanın.

- DSL driver updated - v5.5.2.9, fixed Greece ISP G.vector compatibility issues.
- Fixed possible ADSL cannot connect with Annex M mode with PPPoE WAN connection type issue, due to invalid initial value leads to abnormal SAR uplink speed.
- Fine tune UI > Network Map for VDSL Regional Mode.
- ADSL WAN (ATM) QIS manual setting list updated,
Add Turkey ISP TurkNet.
- VDSL WAN (PTM) QIS manual setting list updated,
Add Turkey ISP TurkNet.
Add Mexico ISP Telmex.

Bug fixes and enhancements:
- Added WiFi 2.4GHz band enhancements.
- Fixed various WiFi 2.4GHz band issues.
- Fine tune multicast.
- Enhanced PPPoE relay connection performance.
- Adopt UI login enhancement.
- Fixed various UI related issues.
- Fine tune FAQ URL links.
- Added Ethernet WAN Link Up/Down info for Syslog.

Eklenti Dosyaları
.zip FW_DSL-N16_1123473.zip Boyut: 8.8 MB  İndirilme: 3
.zip FW_DSL-N16_1123617.zip Boyut: 8.79 MB  İndirilme: 0
.zip FW_DSL-N16_1123552.zip Boyut: 8.81 MB  İndirilme: 1
.zip FW_DSL-N16_1123790.zip Boyut: 9.36 MB  İndirilme: 3
.zip FW_DSL-N16_1123502.zip Boyut: 8.8 MB  İndirilme: 0
.zip FW_DSL-N16_1123674.zip Boyut: 8.8 MB  İndirilme: 0
.zip FW_DSL-N16_1123960.zip Boyut: 10.63 MB  İndirilme: 2
.zip FW_DSL-N16_1123993.zip Boyut: 10.66 MB  İndirilme: 0
.zip FW_DSL-N16_1123858.zip Boyut: 9.51 MB  İndirilme: 2
.zip FW_DSL-N16_1123805.zip Boyut: 9.36 MB  İndirilme: 1
.zip FW_DSL-N16_1123743.zip Boyut: 9.06 MB  İndirilme: 0
.zip FW_DSL-N16_1123979.zip Boyut: 10.66 MB  İndirilme: 0
.zip FW_DSL-N16_1123999.zip Boyut: 10.66 MB  İndirilme: 4

Updated beta firmware now available that fixes earlier ADSL sync problems


Latest DSL ASUSWRT beta firmware v9.1.2.3_854-g837bd26 now available.

Fixed Web UI related issues.
Clear button now added for Web UI > Web History Log/ Access Log.
OpenVPN related enhancements adopted.

Latest DSL ASUSWRT beta firmware v9.1.2.3_858-gb01e6a7 now available.

This version addressed Live Update issue.

DSL ASUSWRT Beta Firmware v9.1.2.3_886 now available.


Fixed Web UI related issues.
Enhance firmware live update mechanism.
Adopt security related enhancements.
QIS > VDSL WAN(PTM), added Australia ISP Optus profile.
Fixed possible Feedback > xDSL Diagnostic log missing issue.
Fixed DDNS leads to possible UI login issue.
Fixed OpenVPN related issues.

Latest DSL ASUSWRT Beta Firmware v9.1.2.3_925-g93a8d29 now available, release note as follows.

– Added ‘G.INP Stability Adjustment’ option for DSL Setting > VDSL section.
– Firmware Live Update enhancements adopted.
– Web UI related fixes.

Latest DSL ASUSWRT firmware v9.1.2.3_979

- Update OpenVPN pkitool to generate key/certs with SHA256.
- Update OpenSSL to 1.1.1n and 1.0.2u.
- Update OpenVPN to 2.4.12 for CVE-2022-0547

Bug fixes and enhancements:
- Fixed OpenSSL random number generator error.
- DDNS enable SSL support
- Fix the WiFI cannot be connected once the VLAN ID is set
- Update DHCP renew case to avoid always restart wan related
- Update DHCP lease time and dns in renew case
- Web Support TLS v1.2

Latest DSL Firmware version

- [Web] Fixed CVE-2023-30224, CVE-2023-30225 (Authenticated command injection issue)

Bug fixes and enhancements:
- [Enhancement][Web] Apply the new domain name policy

ASUS DSL-N16 Firmware version

- Fix the Security Boa http issue
- Fixed code execution vulnerability
- Fix in french WEB GUI setting Wireless > Professional will show abnormality issue

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