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Latest Version of TS-Doctor

1.1.52 January 30, 2012 TS-Doctor
Araç TS kayıtlarınızı analiz etmeye ses senkronizasyonu sağlamaya kısaca TS analiz ve onarım aracı diyebiliriz.
[Resim: vkMPa.jpg]

- Precaution against possible hang (deadlock) when releasing the decoder filters after previewing
- I-Frame display in the preview window for Mpeg2 and H264 recordings (BETA!!!)
- Problems with Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder fixed
- In the cutting form a jump to the next I-frame is supported (BETA!!!)
- Additional warning text when deleting the complete batch list and a icon was placed on the button
- Correction of the frame rate in the preview window when the muxer returns an incorrect value
- Batch processing now shows "Finished" on the progress bar when the processing is done
- Detecting a still encrypted stream start and ability to cut the encrypted area
- Support of the Lithuanian language (thanks to Andrius)


1.2.30 June 16, 2012 BETA

- Improved support for images in the ATSC standard
- Fix for accurate identification of info.dvr from Taiwanese recordings
- Fix for camcorder recordings in MTS format, where "h264 picture parameter buffer overflow" shows up in the log
- The PCR list is canceled if no new PCR value is found within of 1000000 packages
- Creation of the video list of PTS is canceled if no new PTS value is found within of 1000000 packages
- Optional cutting of the recording at the point where the video PTS ends
- Easier installation of LAVFilters
- With DWord registry key "MaxWriteBufferSize" under HKEY_Current_User/.../Settings the size of the write buffer can be reduced to avoid write errors in a VirtualBox VM


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