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Merlin3 OE2.0 Image for DM 500HD

Merlin3 OE2.0 Image for Dreambox

The new Merlin ³ (OE2.0) based on whatever the current experimental image from DMM.

[Resim: eqv1i.jpg]
[Resim: 4qX5f.jpg]

Important: In recent years, the experimental images were always very stable. Since some of the DMM was rebuilt and it may well cause a malfunction.
Experimental images are updateable. Once improvements are available, these can be recorded by an update.

In addition to the Merlin³ (OE1.6) known functions, we have a number of new features included:

- New default skin based on the default HD DMM
- Browser plug-in alphabetical order
- Move to another record Bouquet
- Erase mode to Movie List
- Rename entry in Channel List
- Shifting mode to movie list
- Spinner Selection
- OLED-display Picon (DM800SE)
- Busybox aliases

- Default skin: -> Default-HD.grey.ME

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