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Nemesis 2.4 Dual Enigma Dm 8000 Hd

Nemesis 2.4 SVN(098r6) Dual Enigma

All updates until 095r6 are included
Move to 2.4 version
Changed bootlogo
Update dm7020hd dreambox-dvb-modules (20111102)
Add LED Manager plugin
Add full new Enigma 3.2 features (Only Using Mode 1)
Update enigma2-plugins
Update CrossEPG (Now you do download Rytec Provider)

You can run this image in two mode:

Mode 1: Enigma2 3.2

Blindscan Support (Tuner: BCM4505, BCM4506, Alps BSBE1 C01A/D01A)
No CrossEPG patch
No LCN Scanner patch
No Full USB-DTT features
Full Enigma2 3.2 features

Known bugs on 3.2 with USB-DTT Pen inserted

Problem with crypted channels
Problem to play recorded movie

Mode 2: Enigma2 Experimental

No Blindscan Support
CrossEPG patch
LCN Scanner patch
More Enigma2 binary patch
Full USB-DTT features

After flashing, the image start in Mode 1: Enigma2 3.2
If you want change Mode, you can choose enigma2 to run via Blue Panel:

Blue->Yellow->Configure Console/RC/Enigma->Select Enigma Version
Restart Enigma2

Nemesis 2.4 Dual Enigma Dm 8000 Hd

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NEMESIS 2.4 099r1 Dual Enigma, on-line for update!!!

Timeline 099r1

Update bootlogo
Fix crash on Timer function
Update LED Manager plugin to 0.2
Re-add epgblacklist on Enigma Experimental (Mode 2)
Update enigma2-plugins

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