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Original Images For Vu+ DUO

Ver 6.0 Release Note

Open Embedded
- Add WebBrowser plugin(Duo needs a bootloader update)
- Add UI postion control plugin
- Add 3D framebuffer control plugin
- Add remote control system code control plugin

- For details, please take a loot at git log.Driver update

What's New
- improve DVB-C/T tuning(uno)
- Fix incorrect display of DVB-C/T SNR/AGC(uno)
- Fix high-bitrate problem in CI (uno, needs a FPGA update, New Rev 4.2 FPGA image is at http://www15.zippyshare.com/v/8215413/file.html
- Support 3D framebuffer
- Add interface for UI position setup
- Add redundant fpga device at /dev (uno)
- Add ioctl for hdmi_cec(get physical/logical addr.)
- Fix audo mute in pass-through(uno)
- Add interface to set the system code of the remote control(uno)
- Add interface to disable REC VFD icon(uno,duo)
- Add interface to control global alphaDUO Boot loader update(duo_cfe_3_0_usb.zip)
- Increase update file size up to 128M Bytes
- Change the flash memory map (kernel size : 4M, /boot : 2M)
- ** NOTE ** : Delete the cfe_cfe_auto.bin at /vuplus/duo in USB after update is complete


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