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MPC-BE Team Filter Decoder 1.5.4 4550
MPC-BE Team Filter Decoder 1.5.4 4550

What's New;
Change: CMenuEx - unnecessary debug-conclusions removed.
Change: Update ffmpeg git-n4.2-dev-1537-g58d167bcd5.

DirectShow with DXVA; built Gabest & ffmpeg This Filter can use the processor GPU For To decode (DXVA H.264 > 4.2.2 8/10bit)

Çok başarılı bir codec DVBViewer de aşağıdaki resimde ki gibi ayar yaptığınızda 4K videoları ekran kartınız destekliyorsa takılmadan izleyebilirsiniz.
Video Renderer kısmını farklı kombinasyonlarla deneyerek sizin için en iyisini bulabilirsiniz.

[Resim: sb30zZu.jpg?1]

Added support for metadata written in json format.

Improved chapter support.
Fixed playback of very small files.

Added support for Xunlei XV files.

Added support for mixed H.264 3D MVC streams.
The initial size of the read data for local files is increased to 60 megabytes if there is a HEVC stream in the PMT.
Added support for MPEG-PS with mu-law streams.
Improved navigation on files with corrupted blocks.

Added support for the 'r210' video codec for MOV files.
Added support for trimming the frame (atom 'clap').
Added support for MP4 dash files, with separate segments for each track.
Added support for Avid DNxHR video ('AVdh').
Added color space support (atom 'colr').
Added support for HDR Light Level (atom 'clli').
Added support for HDR metadata (atom 'mdcv').

Added full support for DAV (DHAV) files.

Always decode DTS Express streams to PCM.
Improved DTS-HD HRA bitstream compatibility.
Improved TrueHD+Atmos bitstream.
Added MLP bitstream.

Changed the format of the brightness, contrast, hue and saturation.
The filter built into the player is now only connected for DVD-Video. In other cases, for MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 MPCVideoDec will be connected.

Removed option "H264 deblocking disable method".
Added option "Skip B-frames".
Corrected row order when converting RGR to RGB32.
Added support for AVrp codec (Avid 1: 1 10-bit RGB Packer).
Improved support for getting color space from the upstream filter.
Added support for the HuffYUV MT codec ('HYMT').
Added patch, any I-frame in the H.264 stream is defined as a keyframe. This speeds up navigation on some files.
Added support for "Mirillis FIC" video ('FICV').
Updated Intel MVC decoder.
Accelerated decoding AV1. Now dav1d v0.2.0 library is used.
Added support for Avid DNxHR video ('AVdh').

Added support for 'Y1 [0] [16]' (16-bit gray).
Removed direct support for planar RGB48, now planar RGB are supported only through MEDIASUBTYPE_LAV_RAWVIDEO.

Fixed status display during bitstream and audio track switching in the player.
The buffer size is calculated more correctly when the DTS-HD is used.
The option "Do not check format support" has been expanded.

Changed the mechanism and synchronization settings.
Improved the quality of screenshots of anamorphic frames.
Correction shaders are also used when creating screenshots and thumbnails.

The size of very large subtitles is limited, otherwise they are incorrectly displayed.

Updated support for Youtube.
Correct the output of unsupported characters.
Improved work with youtube-dl.
Improved work with live broadcasts.

Fixed FlyBar when choosing Hebrew translation.
Improved definition of the choice of the main video when opening a Blu-Ray structure.
Added the ability to assign a hotkey to the "Open Iso image" command.
Improved automatic display mode switching. When the display is turned off, the settings are not lost.
The page "variables.html" of the web-interface has been improved.
Playlist now supports dark theme. Improved playlist rendering at high DPI.
Fixed the operation of the button for resetting the list of media types for filters loaded on the file path (not registered in the system).
Fixed the "Exclusive fullscreen" option when switching via "FlyBar".
Added "dark" menu.
Fixed the calculation of the window size when the "Limit window proportions on resize" option is active and the active playlist stuck to the left or right.
Added the ability to increase the font size in the playlist.
Added a command to get MediaInfo data in the playlist menu.
Improved shuffle algorithm.
The AC3 / DTS format group and the DTS / AC3 filter group are divided into the AC3 and DTS / DTS-HD groups.
Added support for ".dtsma", ".eac3" and ".weba" extensions.
The ability to save up to 1000 bookmarks for media files is returned.
Added support for the option "Allow Windows to fix blur in applications", which appeared in Windows 10.
Settings item "Null (compressed)" renamed to "Null (any)".
Implemented getting the disk name from the file "BDMV\META\DL\bdmt_eng.xml".
Increased buffer size for open file dialog.
Added the ability to use multiple playlists. Added new "Explorer" playlist type.
Added the ability to search in the playlist.
Added support for BMP format for audio covers.

How to Install (Kurulum);
You can use the MeritMe_Tools_x64 to register Filter Decoder.
İndireceğiniz dosya içinden çıkan MeritMe aracı ile filtreleri sisteminize kaydedip kullanabilirsiniz.

Download MPC-BE Team Filter Decoder

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