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Merlin3 Image for DM7020HD

Merlin3 Image for DM7020HD

After the conversion of DMM's Enigma2-git we have also made a version change, up from Merlin2 Merlin3.
[Resim: eqv1i.jpg]
[Resim: 4qX5f.jpg]
Enigma2 changes to the GIT by us are:

* Skin.py,
* Volume_py,
* Wrap_around (skin independent wrap arround in all menus)

Samba is not included in the images, but can be installed if needed by using Addon Manager (package samba server) online.

With DreamCC can be developed by DMM dccamd start and stop. However, we offer on-dreambox emulators tools.info neither, nor do we provide support for it.

Due to the changes of DMM that is no longer on Enigma2-core which can directly change we needed (for now, this will change any more ) Remove the following features from the merlin Image: Outdated EPG view, spinner selection and EPG Auto-Save function.

All other functions of Merlin2 are fully included in further Merlin3.

Here is a short list of key features in Merlin3:

Show progress in the channel list
Plug-in sort order
Merlin Menu
Do not close user-activated infobar
favorite list show up with bouquet
show folders in the movie list
ListStyle Merlin2 single line
sort by date desc
Mark movie as seen at position (in percent)
mark as seen / unseen
movie status / progress / color
moveTo movies in non-blocking background thread
show only available services
Skip not available services when zapping with left / right
Infobar position
Movie Player Infobar position
zap only to available services
show only available services
now epg data for Partnerbox-services in channel selection
Additional info in event-time channel selection
Offset for channel selection in short description

- Default skin: -> Default-HD.grey.ME

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