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Newnigma2 v3.3.2 DM7020HD

Newnigma2 v3.3.2
Notice: Onlineupdate from v3.3.* is possible.

Enigma2 3.2.2: 27.03.2012
Enigma2 Plugins: 29.03.2012
Newnigma2 Plugins: 29.03.2012

DM 7020 HD PVR
driver: 22.03.2012
secondstage: 86
kernel 2.6.18

Update: libdvdnav and libdvdread
Update: brushedalu-hd, elgato-hd, dmconcinnity-hd, kerni-hd1, kerni-hd1r2, yads-hd and some more with new screens (see below)
Bugfix: fixed newnigma2-hd (RC's)
Bugfix: fixed possible crash with infinity.mod.newnigma2-hd
Bugfix: fixed double entries in the device list
Bugfix: fixed devicemanager fusermount (djmount)
Bugfix: fixed picon flash destination (OSD Settings)
Bugfix: fixed default settings, default RC dm500hd, dm7020hd
Bugfix: fixed Configsaver (keymap_custom.xml)
Added: minidlna (click here for more information)
Added: enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-3dsettings (thx to Dr.Best)
Added: enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-vps
Added: enigma2-plugin-extensions-eurotictv (thx to DMM)
Added: enigma2-plugin-extensions-ecasa (thx to ritzmo)
Added: util-linux-ng-blkid and kernel-module-cdc-acm to our feeds
New: plugin enigma2-plugin-newnigma2-sportportal
New: plugin enigma2-plugin-newnigma2-mediatomb with gui configuration
New: plugin enigma2-plugin-newnigma2-eporner
New: userfriendly FTP feature of enigma2-plugin-newnigma2-vpn

For Skinners: new screens (menu -> settings -> system -> harddisk):
HarddiskDriveSelection - HarddiskDriveSetup - HarddiskMountpointBrowser

Since e2 v3.2.2 u have to put following screen into your skin.xml: RecordPathsSettings. This screen is removed out of the plugin and it would crash, if u dont have it in your skin.xml

Info: ftdi patch for kernel 2.6.18 added. that patch enables triple/quad reader support.

Info: google gears support has ended. please uninstall it, if u installed it.

Info: mkv + idx/sub not longer work with new e2.

changelog e2: Enigma2

info: since release of e2 v. 3.2 there is no dm7025 support yet. that's what dmm said.

Multiboot: No support for multiboot. Not planned. No need for such a tool.

GP3wizard: No support for gp3wizard. Probably not running. Not needed in Newnigma2 environment.
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